JW5001B Fiber Fusion Splicing Tool Kit

JW5001B Fiber Fusion Splicing Tool Kit Price For Sale & Specifications

What Is JW5001B Fiber Fusion Splicing Tool Kit price and specification

1 Fiber optic kevlar cutter

2 Clauss Fiber Stripper

3 Optical Fiber Jacket Stripper

4 Wire Rope Cutter

5 Round Cable Cutter

6 Carbide fiber pen type cutter

7 6Pcs Electronic Screwdriver Set

8 7” Lineman’s plier 178mm

9 6” Needle Node Pliers 135mm

10 6” Side Cut Pliers 130mm

11 8″ Adjustable wrench

12 Mini-Hacksaw

13 9Pcs Folding type hex key set (inch)

14 Screwdriver S/D(-)5??100mm

15 Screwdriver S/D(+)#1??100mm

16 Screwdriver S/D(-)6??100mm

17 Screwdriver S/D(+)#2??100mm

18 100ml Bottle of Alcohol

19 Fiber Cleaning Wipes

20 Blow Brush

21 3.5M Tape Measure

22 Precision tweezer

23 Black Marker

24 Carrying Tool Case(430??330??135mm)

25 Security cutter

26 Cotton Swab

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