IP67 OptiTap Outdoor waterproof field assembly fast connector mini IP SC APC H Connector Compatible with Corning Optitap Adapter

IP67 Outdoor waterproof field assembly fast connector is factory -terminated, it provide a robust and sealed connection solution for fiber to the home (FTTH) connectivity and Suitable for flat drop cable,3.0mm round cable, 5.0mm round cable. the environmentally sealed and hardened connector to reduce the cost and the time of drop cable deployment in optical access networks.

In fiber optic cabling, it is required a connector assembly on-site in some situations. Typical examples are peer-to-peer installations, field installations or repair. Field assembly connector(FAOC) is also called fast/quick connector, is per-embedded fiber type connector, which can be installed and connected in the field. It is widely used for where need to quick connection, providing a quick assembly and stable performance. The construction tools are simple and portable, without power supply, and easy to operate, which greatly improves the construction efficiency and reduces the labor cost of FTTH. SC field assembly connectors are a common type of field assembly connectors for FTTx cabling networks.

Application of Fast Connector:

  • Optical access networks
  • Outdoor FTTA solutions
  • Fiber to the home (FTTH) connectivity


  • Available in multiple fiber lengths to meet all your FTTX design drop deployment
  • Suitable for FTTA and outdoor temperature extremes Ensures functionality in harsh weather environments
  • Designed to reduce the cost and time of drop fiber deployment in the network
  • Provides superior weather resistance for FTTA and other outdoor applications.
  • Can be installs without special tooling
  • 100% tested assemblies built in a controlled environment
    Environmentally protected while maintaining superior durability and reliability for use in the connection to the subscriber
  • Flexibility and reliability provides fast and simple deployments within a network
  • Provides bend protection for installation and long term use
  • Allows flexibility to use factory terminated assemblies or pre-terminated or field installed assemblies

IP67 Outdoor waterproof field assembly fast connector mini IP SC apc H Connector mini IP SC apc H Connector 2wiki

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