Fiber Patch Cord Production Line

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Due to the development of communication technology and the use of optical fiber in modern telecommunication systems, as well as its expansion from telecommunication centers to users’ homes in FTTH and FTTC systems, the need to produce patch cords and pigtails is felt in all areas. You can generate revenue by selling patch cords and pigtails in order to generate revenue and sell other peripherals in order to gain a competitive advantage, such as selling splitters, cables or active equipment, as well as on-site fiber installation and fusion services.

Fiber Patch Cord Production Line Diagram

Our company can accompany you with all its might in setting up the production line of patch cord and pigtail fiber optics. From purchasing equipment and raw materials to training and setting up a production line.

Steps to produce patch cord and fiber optic pigtail

First, let’s look at what patch cords and pigtails are basically

A fiber optic patch cord is a cable whose two ends are connected to a fiber optic connector. This device is used to connect equipment and components in the fiber optic network and is also called patch cable. There are various types of fiber optic patch cords with different types of connectors, such as LC, FC, SC, ST, MU, MTRJ and E2000 and so on.

Fiber optic patch cords can be classified with a variety of fiber optic connectors. For example, the LC patch cord is so named because it has an LC connector. There are also patch cords SC, ST, FC, MT-RJ, E2000, MU and MPO / MTP and so on.

Another type of classification that is connected to the type of ferrule polish and is divided into three types of patch cord PC, UPC, APC.

Fiber optic patch cords are also divided according to the type of cable used. Like simplex or duplex patch cord. In the simplex type, there is only one cable string, but in the duplex type, there are two cable strands, which are also called zipcodes.

A fiber pigtail is a single, short, usually tight-buffered, optical fiber that has an optical connector pre-installed on one end and a length of exposed fiber at the other end. The end of the pigtail is stripped and fusion spliced to a single fiber of a multi-fiber trunk.

Step.1Fiber Optic Patch Cord CableCutting

Before fiber patch cords making, we should prepare all the materials like fiber cable, fiber connectors etc. A patch cord cable is often in a reel and it should be cut by cutting machine as per the length requirements by customers,A fiber cable cutting machine makes it easy and effective in cabling cutting.In any case, this can be done by the worker, but in the future, when the volume of demand increases, the need for this machine to increase production speed will be very noticeable. It can cut the cables of different specification and different length and wound into a circular ring. It has a meter counting function and accurate cutting, wrapping integrated.The operation is simple, you can set different length, speed, quantity, etc. Greatly improves production efficiency.

Step.2Fiber Optic Patch CableCleaning&Pr-handling

Cleanthecableafter cutting is very important, This process is to make the fiberinsidewithoutanydustbeforeinsertingconnector.Putthecableingoodsequence sothatitwouldbeveryeasy toinsertconnector.

Step.3 Fiber Patch Jumper CableStripping&Identifying

Usethejacketstripperto striptheouter Jacket that may 3.0mm or 2.0mm or 0.9mm and use Fiber Miller Stripper Remove the Tight buffer Cladding of 0.9mm inner jacket of the Core and use the pastes to identify the cable for producing the duplex or multi patch cord.

Step.4 Fiber Optic Ferrule GlueInjection&FiberInserting

Injectsome Epoxey Glueonthe surfaceofthefiberandthen insertingthefiberintothe ferrule of connector.Usuallyitis professionalgluecalled353epoxy.You Can do it By hand or By machine .

Fiber Optic Ferrule GlueInjection&FiberInserting




Step.5 Fiber Patch cord FiberSolidifying

Useverticalsolidification furnaceorhorizontal solidificationfurnacetosolidifythefiberonthe connector.

Fiber Patchcord FiberSolidifying

Step.6 Fiber Patch Cable UltrasonicCleaning&Polishing

Aftersolidifying,the half-finishedpatchcords needtobecleanedwithultrasoniccleaningmachine.Andtheinterfaceoftheconnector needstobepolishedtomakesure thefiberwouldbeonethesamelineastheferrule.

Fiber Patch Cable UltrasonicCleaning&Polishing

Step.7MicroscopeInspection for fiber jumper

Use400timesor600times microscopetoinspecttheinterfaceoftheconnectortomakesureit clean.Ifthereisanydustontheinterface,weneedtore-clean theconnectoragain.

MicroscopeInspection for fiber jumper

Step.8FQC for a fiber patch cord

Usetheinspection machinestodotheFQC.Itisimportanttotestthe patchcordforinsertion andreturnlossvaluesincetheyarethekeyfactors affectingthefunction ofpatchcords.

FQC for a fiber patch cord

Step.9Kits Fast connector assembly to fiber optic patch cords

Assemblytheotherpartsof connectorstothepatchcords.

Kits Fast connector assembly to fiber optic patch cords



Step.10Packaging a fiber patch cord

Afterallthetesting,the patchcordswouldbepacked accordingtocustomers??needs.Usually,eachpatchcord wouldbepackedinone baginordertokeepitsafer.

Packaging a fiber patch cord

Fiber Optic Patch cord and pigtail Production Line Fiber optic polishing system including all equipment??s and assessors for fiber polishing. This is the key process to manufacture fiber optic patch cable , fiber patch cord , fiber optic pigtail . Fast connector , field assembly connector and so on . We can provide Whole production line equipment , also we provide professional fiber polishing skills training . fiber patch cord making machine Fiber Optic Patch Cord Production Machine

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1Polishing Machine8479820090$940/80??6,585/60$940/80
1Insertion loss&Return loss Machine Multifunction SM&MM9031801000$1,056/00??7,392/00$1,056/00
1Fiber Optic Epoxy Curing Oven841989
1Pneumatic crimp machine for Fiber Optic Connectors847989


1Integrated Fiber End-face Visual Inspector852580
1Glue dispenser847989


1Visual Fault Locator903180
1SC/UPC Polish Fixture 24-port847990
1SC/APC Polish Fixture 24-port$307/20??2,150/40$307/20
1FC/UPC Polish Fixture 24-port$288/00??2,016/00$288/00
1FC/APC Polish Fixture 24-port$307/20??2,150/40$307/20
2LC/UPC Polish Fixture 24-port$288/00??4,032/00$576/00
1LC/APC Polish Fixture 24-port$307/20??2,150/40$307/20
200Polishing film 30um6805200000$0/72??1,008/00$144/00
200Polishing film 9um Japan$0/90??1,260/00$180/00
200Polishing film 1um Japan$0/90??1,260/00$180/00
200Polishing films . 0.03um ADS (NTT) japan$0/90??1,260/00$180/00
170s/80s/90s Fiber Optic Polish Pads make in Japan$60/00??420/00$60/00
1Epoxey glue$96/00??672/00$96/00
1CFS-2 Miller Fiber Optic Striper Orignal import820320
1Kevlar Cutter miller orignal import$28/80??201/60$28/80
1Fiber Stripper$4/50??31/50$4/50
1Alcohol pump Empty3923300000$1/92??13/44$1/92
1Optical Dustless paper, 280 pcs / box4803000000$1/92??13/44$1/92
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