What Is Fiber optic cable jacket slitter price and specification

Fiber optic cable jacket slitter features and specification use in fiber optic networks is one of the largest and best Fiber optic cable jacket slitter manufacturers and suppliers with rich experience. Welcome to buy our high quality products.wholesale in stock with our factory. Also, free sample is also available if necessary.

Fiber Optic Cable Jacket slitter is an efficient and indispensable tool for fiber optic cable termination. It easily slits the PVC cable jacket into two halves before crimping. In both field and plant applications, time is saved and consistency is resulted with this precise and innovative tool.

Cable can be processed
a) ??1.5~1.9MM
b) ??2.0~2.4MM
c) ??2.5~2.9MM
d) ??3.0~3.3MM

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