FC/APC Fiber optic Attenuator, Male to Female, 1~25dB attenuator

FC/APC Fiber optic Attenuator, Male to Female, 1~25dB attenuator, or fiber optic attenuator, is a device used to reduce the power level of an optical signal, either in free space or in an optical fiber. The basic types of optical attenuators are fixed, step-wise variable, and continuously variable.

Fiber Optic Attenuator is a passive device used to reduce the amplitude of a light signal without significantly changing the wave form itself. The basic types of optical attenuators are fixed and variable, and are designed to be used with various kinds of fiber optic connectors. The attenuators can be female to female or male to female.

FC APC single mode fiber optic attenuator and FC PC single mode fiber optic attenuator are available, both of them are with ceramic sleeves and accurate FC connection interface. The attenuation range is from 1dB to 30dB available. The FC fiber attenuator features high power endurance and low back reflection. They are used to reduce the optical power in the fiber optic links.


Product Specification

Optical connectorFC/APCTransfer ModeSinglemode
Return Loss??65dBAttenuation Accuracy1-5dB ??0.5, 6-10dB ??0.7, >10dB ??1.0
Operating Wavelength1260~1620nmOptical Input Power200mW
Operating Temp Range-40~75??CHumidity95%RH
offers high quality build-out attenuators ranging from 1 to 30dB. Each attenuator is made with continuous light-absorbing and metal-ion doped fiber which offers excellent environmental stability and low back reflection. The front of the attenuator is a male plug connector style that allows the attenuators to be plugged directly into receiver equipment or adaptors in patch panel. The rear is a female socket adaptor that allows a patch cord to be mated into the back of the attenuator. The attenuator is available in SC, FC, ST, LC, and MU type. In a fiber optic system, build out attenuators play an important role in controlling optical power levels in Telecommunications, CATV applications and other single mode fiber optic communications applications. As such, they must offer consistent performance over a range of operating conditions so attenuation levels remain constant and predictable.


  • Compliant with bellcore GR910
  • Long term reliability
  • Simple manipulation
  • High power endurance
  • High return loss
  • Low PDL


  • EDFA
  • Power balancing in DWDM
  • CATV
  • Power leveling in optical add/drop multiplexing


1 ~ 30
1 ~ 20
Return Loss
Operating Wavelength
1310 and 1550, 1240 – 1600
Attenuation Accuracy
1 ~ 4dB
5 ~ 30dB
Operating Temperature
-40 ~ +75
Storage Temperature
-40 ~ +85
Polarization Dependent Loss
Relative Humidity
10 ~ 55, 2Hrs
1.5m, 5 drops

Highly Efficient, Stable and Durable

Good interchangeability, repeatability, thermal stability and abrasive resistance; High reliability and performance. Low insertion loss: average additional loss value lower than 0.2db??High return loss: more than 1000 times insertion and extraction.

Excellent Isolating Effect, Eliminating Damage Effectively

Noise caused by group loop can be effectively restrained. Electrically, signal field is entirely isolated from host control terminal,thus accidental damage to the host controller can be highly avoided.

High Optical Performance, Excellent Mechanical Stability

Advanced grinding machine enables fiber’s center grinding offset. We adopt zirconia ferrule with alkali resistance, acid resistance, high-temperature resistance and ultrahigh-hardness, which possess high optical performance and excellent mechanical stability.



Connector Type


Connector Gender

Male to Female

Polish Type


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