Cisco SFP-10G-ZR100 Compatible 10GBASE-ZR XFP 1550nm 100km DOM Fiber Optic Transceiver

100% compatible with Cisco, Arista, Juniper, Dell, Brocade,ZTE,Huawei,Arista Networks ,HP,Extreme Networks,Avagoand other brands

Cisco SFP-10G-ZR100 Compatible 10GBASE-ZR XFP 1550nm 100kmDOM Fiber Optic Transceiver

SFP+ transceiver are multi-purpose optical modules for 10Gbit/s data transmission applications at 850nm, 1310nm and 1550nm. The transceivers are ideally suited for datacom and storage area network (SAN/NAS) applications based on the IEEE 802.3ae and Fibre Channel standards, Fiber Channel 10G, 8.5G, 4.25G, 2.125G, 1.0625G, 10G BASE-SW/SR/LR/ER, 1000 Base-SX Ethernet.


Compliant to SFP+ Electrical MSA SFF-8431

Compliant to SFP+ Mechanical MSA SFF-8432

Multi rate of up to 11.3Gb/s

10G Ethernet compliance

Transmission distance up to 100km (SM fiber)

Low power consumption

0C to +70C case operating temperature range

Laser Class 1 IEC / CDRH compliant

RoHS 6/6 compliant

Compliant with product safety standards


10GBASE-SR, LR, ER, ZR, ZX at 10.31Gbps

10GBASE-LW at 9.95Gbps

1000 Base-LX Ethernet

8XFC at 8.5Gbps

4XFC at 4.25Gpbs

2XFC at 2.125Gpbs

1xFC at 1.0625Gbps

Other optical links

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