CFP8 400G FIBER Optic Transceiver modules

CFP8 400G FIBER Optic Transceiver modules
  • This is a proposal for a new 400G Form Factor: CFP8
  • The proposed CFP8 form factor is ~CFP2 size but supports 4x100G and 400G, i.e. 4x the CFP2??s 1x100G
  • The CFP8 name follows the CFP2 and CFP4 naming convention of suffix designating relative bandwidth density
  • The CFP8 uses a new 16x25G electrical I/O connector
  • CFP8 Electrical I/O and Optical specifications are deferred to other standards organizations like IEEE and ITU-T
  • Example IEEE specifications supported by CFP8:
  1. 400GBASE-SR16 parallel MMF (16x25G NRZ)
  2. 400GBASE-FR8/LR8 duplex SMF (8x50G PAM4 WDM)
  3. 400GBASE-DR4 parallel SMF (4x100G PAM4)
  4. CDAUI-16, CDAUI-8
  • CFP8 will support other specifications

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